At the Table Holidays

Simple Fig and Olive Tapenade

The perfect fig and olive recipe for your Easter festivities. I think my favorite day this week will be tomorrow because it will be the first day of spring! I automatically expect the snow to melt, warm sunshine, and fresh air blowing through the windows. However, the forecast calls for more snow in the next few days…bummer! I have a little bit of cabin fever, if you can’t tell. Plus we are starting our own vegetable garden, which I’m looking…

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Green Living Home

New Year Intention: Toxic Free Living

Our families journey to toxic free green living. I’ve never been one to have a New Year resolution because its a firm decision to do or not do something. The New Year should be a vehicle to aim for a plan or goal; an intention. Bear with us as we strive to become a toxic free family. When I was pregnant with Norah, I thought I was going to be the crunchiest mama around. If you don’t know what a…

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At the Table Let the Kids

White Bean Garlic Hummus

Norah likes to help out and has more interest in helping in the kitchen. Cooking is another way for us to spend quality time together while she is developing new sensory skills. For example, introduction to new smells, listening to directions, encouraging her to count, and improving her fine motor skills. Not to mention, encourage her to try new foods. Since dinnertime can be quite chaotic at times, the opportunity for Norah and I to cook together may not take…

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Baking Holidays Let the Kids

Homemade Gingerbread Man Garland

Can I just say that kids make the holidays so much brighter? Now that Norah is a little older, she wants to help decorate the tree, bake sweets, and be involved in all things Christmas. It also makes me look forward to the many traditions we can start and she can remember and be apart of them. I thought about making this Gingerbread Man Garland with Norah to bring a touch of nostalgia to our christmas decorating. This is considered…

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