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Sweet Potato Pancakes

Well the snow is finally making it’s presence known this morning, which made for a nice cup of coffee and a little extra time to snuggle under the covers until Norah woke up…which lasted a whopping 30 minutes.
I decided to become Betty Crocker this morning and make a homemade breakfast. I have wanted to make these sweet potato waffles for a while now and I thought it would be perfect to make on a morning like this. Since having Norah, I always want to introduce her palate to new things and give her healthier options. I know that is not always realistic because life is busy, we are tired, and sometimes a bowl of cereal sounds like the best option ever. So when I have my days off, I utilize those times to make Norah some good meals.

  Just like any other recipe that I plan to execute on a whim, I didn’t have the most necessary piece…a waffle maker! So, pancakes it was. I added some blueberries and raspberries with them and Norah loved it! I even ate a few. I added some syrup to mine, but left it plain for Norah. These go perfect with any typical morning side like eggs, BACON, sausage, the whole bit.

 This was meant to be a toddler meal, but can be a great hit with the whole family. Well, not my husband, unless I don’t tell him what’s in it.


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