Shaping Little World Changers

“Rise and shine and give God your glory, glory.”
“Rise and shine and give God your glory, glory.”
“Rise and shine and (clap) give God your glory, glory.”
“Children of the Lord!”

Every morning when I’m able to get Norah up, we sing this verse from this song. When I would point up to God, Norah would look at the fan and say, “whas dat?” *as I would side eye roll* I would explain that that’s a fan, but that mommy is pointing to God. Days would go by, we would sing, and she would still ask about the fan. Well today folks, she pointed to the sky (not the fan…phew), swayed back and forth, and we worshipped together to this little children’s hymn.

God has a perfect timing for everything and even when we think our kids aren’t paying attention, they’re always watching. Every word we speak, how we treat others, what we hold value to…just everything. This is just one daily routine that I do with Norah. I believe that if we want to create future world changers for God, we have to equip them and make God a priority everyday. Pray over everything, read your bible as a family, go to church weekly, be a faithful tithe-r, and serve in your community.

Now us Caruso’s are still a work in progress and there are some areas, in which, we need to improve. By doing all these things with Norah, I see our family growing and learning everyday.

What are some of your Christ building routines you have created with your kids?


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