Norah’s 2nd Birthday Elmo Party

A couple weekends ago, we celebrated Norah’s 2nd birthday. The theme this year was Elmo per her request. Actually she agreed to a lot of her favorite themes, but we knew that Elmo wouldn’t disappoint.
I have to say I didn’t go too overboard with this party, which after the fact I had a little “mom guilt,” but her smile made all of that go away. We invited family and close friends over for some pizza and dessert. I purchased her cake, cupcakes, and cookies from one of my favorite bakeries, that specializes in vegan/gluten free baked goods. If you’re thinking how odd they must taste, you’re wrong! You can’t even tell the difference, which is awesome! Trust me. On another note, since I’m breastfeeding and Gideon has an allergy to dairy, I had to transition to dairy free, which was another reason I purchased vegan goodies.




I couldn’t wait for her to see the play kitchen that we found on Craigslist. It was made by Pottery Barn Kids and we paid 80% less for it than what we would pay in the store. Not to mention, they also included play food, a blender, and toaster, which made the purchase an even better buy. All it needed was a good wipe down and it looked practically brand new. The best part was Norah was so excited to play with it. Utilize your local neighbors can save you some money!





We had a Sesame Street mural up for pictures. We barely took any pictures of her in front of it because she just had to play with her kitchen at every single moment…kids! She did kiss each of the characters and said their names near the end of the night, which was really cute. She also loved her play doh, crayons, and markers, which we all dug into once guest started to leave. Overall, the party was a success and we had one happy two year old on our hands. I hope you all have a great day!


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