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DIY Soy Candles

A simple candle recipe that’s great for gift giving!

Yes, I know the holidays are over, but I had to share this soy candle recipe that I made as a last minute gift for our neighbor. It’s super easy, inexpensive, and if you love candles, like myself  (before kiddos), you can make some for yourself.

IngredientsMicrowavable Soy Wax
-Mason Jars or Tumblers
-Old Microwavable Bowl
Candle Wicks
-Wooden Dowels
-glue stick (optional)
-Essential Oils (optional)



1. Put some newspaper down to keep any wax from dripping on the surface.
2. Pour soy flakes into microwavable bowl. Set time for 90 seconds to 2 minutes for every 8oz of wax melted.
3. Check wax and stir. Continue to microwave every 30 seconds until wax is fully melted.

4. Place wick in center. You may need some glue to help secure the wick to the center and a wooden dowel (I used a grill skewer) to keep it upright.
5. Pour wax into jar or tumbler. Add desired amount of essential oil to wax (wait until wax has cooled a bit, but still in liquid form before adding oil. The heat will cause the scent to lose potency). I used DoTerra Serenity, which is like a lavender blend, and DoTerra Breathe, which is like a peppermint blend, as my scents for these candles. Save some wax for the end.
6. Let wax cool for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then use toothpick to poke holes around the wick, about 4 cm deep, to let air escape. Then remelt remaining wax and pour over holes until the surface of the candle if flat.
7. Continue to let wax cool for 4-6 hours, then trim wick to 1/4″ if needed.

And Voila! You have a beautiful scented candle. If you choose to make them for gifts, I bought these tags (Similar here) from Target for $3. You can use them to write a “name” for the candle that resembled the scent or a simple to and from.
Happy Gifting!

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