Snapshots: Traditions

When I was growing up during the holidays, my parents and I used to spend our Christmas’ in Charleston, South Carolina. It was my parent’s hometown and a lot of my dad’s family still resided there. All the family would come together. There would be lots of food, crab cracks, gift exchanging, and lots and lots of laughter. There were some years where us kids would put on talent shows for the family. Eventually, we started spending Christmas at home, but there was still the dinners, the laughter, the games…just on a smaller scale. These traditions were what I looked forward to the most during Christmas. Yes, I loved getting presents, but nothing beats having family around.

These are the things I want my kids to look forward to during the holidays. I want them to have memories like I did and continue to have as the years pass. As the years come, I would love to do more and make more memories. Maybe getting around to an Advent calendar too.


What are some of your favorite family traditions?


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