Gideon’s first birthday

Birthdays come too fast! Last weekend we celebrated my sweet baby boy turning one. It was an eventful day, to say the least, because Gideon was practically sick the whole weekend. The morning of his birthday, his fever finally broke, but he still was not in the party mood… at all. However, he was a trooper and made it through.

Ever since I knew I was having a boy, I knew his first birthday was going to be a “Where the Wild Things are” theme. The décor was simple, but a lot of love was put into it. Green vines and moss entailed most of the decorations. We used simple white tablecloths to keep the atmosphere light and not take away from everything else. Gideon’s crown was purchased from Little Blue Olive. We planned the party early, in the day, since Gideon is a true “I need my naps” kind of guy and I totally forgot it was football Sunday.

Brunch-esque type items were served, like croissant sandwiches, salad with berries, a fruit salad, and muffins. Also, there were vegan shortbread cookies in the shape of crowns and donuts from Scratch Bakeshop. I mean, no dessert table is complete without a donut wall! We decided to bake a cake instead of buy one, especially since he was going to smash it anyway. I used a boxed cake mix and dressed it using an organic vanilla frosting, just enough to give it a naked look.

For favors, we kept it simple by having bubbles and masks the kids could take home.
Gideon’s birthday was perfect and joyous. I’m glad it was pretty laid back considering he wasn’t feeling well. However, I wish I was able to capture more pictures of the party.

Happy birthday my sweet baby boy!

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