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Tips for a Simple French Inspired Date Night

France is known as the country of love; love for people, love for food, and love for aesthetics. No wonder the people there are so happy, so passionate, and full of life. When Pete and I can’t make it out for date night, we usually make the best of it at home, once the kids are in bed. Now if you’re like me, you may not be going to Paris anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the city of love into your home with some wine and cheese that was made in France. Here are some tips for creating a French Inspired Date Night.

Keep it simple

You probably already had dinner with the kids or the last thing you want to do once the kids go to bed is slave over a stove. Making something simple like a charcuterie board would be both effortless and won’t get in the way of good conversation.
A couple things to make a good charcuterie board are: Cheese, cured meats, olives, fruits, nuts, jam or honey, grilled veggies, bread or crackers, butter. For our board, we used Istara P’tit Basque cheese, which was both soft and sweet. It pairs well with anything sweet and salty. We normally don’t add chocolate to our board, however we thought it would be a nice touch. These Valrhona Orelys chocolates had a sweet and buttery taste with soft licorice notes; a perfect pair with this white wine. As for decor, keep it simple with candles and soft linens.

Have a bottle of wine or two

The best compliment to the mixture of flavors from the meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies is a good glass of wine. Whether you prefer a bold red to a subtle white, French wines are among the best high quality wines in the world. The two regions that are major wine producers are Languedoc and Bordeaux. If you are a rose wine fan, try the Moulin de Gassac Guilhem.

Enjoy your spouse!

One thing about French culture is they spend endless amount of time talking to each other. It’s not uncommon for them to sit for hours having lunch or dinners that linger into the morning. With kids who wake up very early or you may just be too tired to stay up late, that might not be an option. However, solely use this time to dedicate to each other without distractions i.e. cell phones, tv, etc. Talk about everything, cuddle, hold hands, laugh, do whatever to make this night special and romantic. Our lives are always moving at fast pace, let this moment last.

Don’t forget about dessert!

I know I said no slaving in the kitchen, but nothing says je t’aime more than a warm gooey skillet blondie. Plus this could add to the romance by turning into a couples baking sesh (thank me later). Bake it in a small cast iron pan and it turns into a dessert to share. Add a couple scoops of ice cream and your night is made!

I used this recipe and used this French blond chocolate as my mix in, which I’m so glad I did. I used this  French butter for the recipe as well. Dulcey chocolate was actually made by mistake when a French pastry chef left the white chocolate in the bain-marie for too long (he probably was chasing after his kids..haha). This changed the color of the chocolate to blond and smelt of caramel milk and shortbread. Dulcey makes the fourth color of chocolate in the world. I tried it both by itself and baked; the tastes are amazing.

What are some of your favorite date night ideas?

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