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Easy Pumpkin Cheese Snacks with Babybel Cheese

I swear October is flying by and Halloween will be here before you know it! I have yet to even put pumpkins out or even get Gideon a costume (Norah has her costume, of course, ha!). Luckily, I still have time to do some decorating or take the kids to different Halloween festivities.

On our recent Target run, we came across these Halloween themed Mini Babybel cheese. They were so cute we couldn’t resist and even bought the light version, as well. The kids love them so much that I couldn’t even get out of the store before Gideon was biting through them…literally!

I love that they are 100% real cheese and are a good source of calcium and protein. Their small casing makes them convenient and a great snack when you’re on the go. Norah can be picky at times, so when she likes something that is nutrient rich, I go for it. I thought I would make snack time fun and created these pumpkin cheeses to get into the Halloween spirit.

They are effortless and easy to make, as well as a healthy treat that is filling for both adult and children bellies. All you need are:

Mini Babybel Cheese


-Stick Pretzels

And voila, there’s your mini pumpkin. You can also add faces to the pumpkins using olives or any other vegetable. Norah had such a good time helping and creating her own pumpkins.

Not that I need to give you another reason to go to Target, but there will be deals on Mini Babybel cheese all through the month of October. They sell fast! I had to go to two different Target stores to buy more! Click here if you want to learn more about Babybel Cheese.

What are your favorite Halloween snacks for the kids?

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